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Striving to reach new levels of customer satisfaction

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Food Division


Leading people’s food culture and healthy lifestyles

At LOTTE FOODS, we put top priority on customer satisfaction and make the best efforts to meet their demands throughout the entire process from research, manufacturing, sales, to distribution. Cheonan factory is equipped with the latest sanitary facilities, and only the freshest ingredients are used to provide the most delicious and safest products. We will continue to enhance the quality of our products for consumers and give our best efforts as a leading food company in the market.
To ensure an affluent and wholesome dietary life for our customers, we manufacture and supply ketchup, mayonnaise, various sauces, cooking oil, sesame oil, healthy vegetables, and a wide variety of gift sets. We have an accurate understanding of our customers’ needs: this is strength and vision of LOTTE FOODS’s business, and we will be a trustworthy company that will do everything possible to achieve your satisfaction. We pay close attention to our customers’ voices and opinions and produce the best quality goods. Our vision is to become an excellent, leading general food company in Korea and the world.

1. Identify consumers’ needs. 2. Satisfy customers and earn their trust and loyalty. 3. Maintain the highest quality in a variety of categories.
Product Categories
  • Noodle/Rice Cake
  • Food Seasoning
  • Cooking Oil
  • Precooked Food
  • Fresh Food
Directions for the Future
  • 1. Identify consumers’ needs.
  • 2. Satisfy customers and earn their trust and loyalty.
  • 3. Maintain the highest quality in a variety of categories.
LOTTE Chefood

Chefood,Premium Food Brand of Lotte
"Chefood" is a combination of the words "chef" and “food” that signifies the “excellent flavor created by professional chefs”. This brand places utmost value on delivering the finest tastes based on our expertise to ensures the freshest and safest quality and provide savory delight for our customers.

LOTTE Cemiso

Cemiso, Green Smile
“Cemiso” is a brand created by LOTTE FOODS that respects both people and nature. We provide consumers with the highest quality agricultural products to help them live healthy lifestyles.

Aug. 2012
Supplied processed vegetables to Samsung Everland.
Apr. 2012
Launched Busan Milmyeon (2 types).
Dec. 2011
Renewed Baramnan Ddeobboki (3 types).
Nov. 2011
Launched healthy premium oil (3 types).
Mar. 2010
Launched Chefood black bean noodle and udon.
Mar. 2010
Completed Ansan Factory for processed vegetables.
Dec. 2009
Launched Chefood frozen spaghetti (2 flavors) and cooking oils
(6 types).
Nov. 2009
Launched premium “Chefood” brand.
Jul. 2009
Renewed Cheonan Factory’s tube line.
Jun. 2007
Completed Pyeontaek Factory (noodles, processed vegetables, salad)
Nov. 2004
Launched “Bonmi” noodle brand.
May 2004
Launched carbonara pasta.
Apr. 2004
Launched bowl noodles (Kalguksu, udon, black bean noodle, spaghetti)
– fresh noodles
Jan. 2004
Launched hot broiled rice cake in 2 flavors (Cluster).
Dec. 2003
Launched spaghetti in 2 flavors - Bolognese, Pomodoro
Nov. 2003
Imported “Pons Olive Oil”.
Nov. 2003
Supplied processed vegetables to fast-food franchise and
family restaurants (e.g. TGIF, Subway, LFD, Yugi Development).
Sept. 2003
Supplied processed vegetables to Lotteria.
Aug. 2003
Imported “Kikkoman Soy Sauce”.
Nov. 1999
Introduced disposable portion cups.
Jul. 1999
Entered technical partnership with Fuji Food (Japan) - Produced
fresh food for the first time in Korea
Apr. 1996
Launched retort food – porridge, sauces for rice
Mar. 1996
Completed Cheongan Factory (relocated from Euijeongbu to Cheonan)

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