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Processed Meat

Striving to reach new levels of customer satisfaction

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Processed Meat Division


Recognized for the highest quality by DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft)

LOTTE FOODS’s Processed Meat Division (formerly known as Lotte Ham) has played an important role in improving the quality of food and health since its incorporation in 1978. It is making its best efforts in maintaining its HACCP, ISO9001/14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications, which are internationally recognized quality and environmental standards. Throughout material processing, manufacturing, distribution and sales, we meet the highest standards in management practice to deliver excellent quality products at all times.

LOTTE FOOD’s Processed Meat Division

At LOTTE FOODS’s Processed Meat Division, we have made continuous efforts in research and development and delivered high quality products such as Rose Farm, Lotte Vienna, Kimbabsok Ham, Ddeokgalbi, Kisstick and Eusuing Garlic Ham. Our work has made significant contributions to the growth of Korea’s meat processing industry. These efforts were recognized at the competition in Germany as we received multiple awards for our products’ excellent quality.

LOTTE FOOD’s Meat Division

In 2000, we built processing facilities in Kimcheon, which were selected as leading facilities by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as part of their measures to improve competitiveness in the butchery industry. Our brands include Uiseong Garlic Pork, Jinsim Pork, Jinsim Korean Beef.

Processed Meat Divisio : 01 Meat the hightest standards of ofcustomer satisfaction, 02 Earn the trust and loyalty of customers by providing sage food, 03 Lead the growth of the food industry through product innovation
Product Categories
  • Ham
  • Sausage
  • Fish Meat
  • Canned Ham
  • Meat Patties
  • Fried Meat
  • Hot Dog
  • Meat
Directions for the Future
  • 1. Meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction.
  • 2. Earn the trust and loyalty of customers by providing safe food.
  • 3. Lead the growth of the food industry through product innovation.
love and joy Lotte Ham
Brand About our business

This division represents such brands as Uiseong Garlic Ham, enNature, Lotte Vienna, Kisstickand Lotte Ddeokgalbi.

Traditional Processed Meat Brand Lotte Ham
From meat cutting to processing, Lotte Ham continuously pursues product innovation, focusing to improve flavor and safety while living up to our brand legacy.

Feb. 2012
Appointed new CEO, Yeong-ho Lee
May 2011
Awarded by DLG in 9 categories.
Sept. 2010
Earned the industry’s first carbon certificate for “Uiseong Garlic Ham”.
Jul. 2010
Built the scalding line at Kimcheon Factory.
Apr. 2009
Received the most awards at the DLG Quality Competition
(Lotte Vienna and 13 other products)
Mar. 2008
Received the gold award at the DLG Quality Competition
(Uiseong Garlic Ham, Essen Pork Wieners, and 7 other products)
Sept. 2007
Selected for new labor culture (Ministry of Labor)
Apr. 2007
Changed company name to Lotte Ham (divided with Lotte Milk)
Sept. 2006
Earned exclusive right for (Uiseong Garlic).
Dec. 2003
Awarded for “Excellent” ethical management.
Dec. 2002
Earned the ISO 9001,14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications.
Sept. 2000
Earned HACCP for Kimcheon Factory butchery.
May. 2000
Awarded for food safety of Cheongju Factory in processed meat category (Food Safety Management Association)
Mar. 2003
Built a butchery at Kimcheon Factory.
Sept. 1999
Earned the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.
Dec. 1998
Declared the introduction of knowledge-based management.
Oct. 1997
Earned HACCP for Cheongju Factory.
Nov. 1994
Received “Presidential” and “Gold” award at National Quality Contest.
Mar. 1994
Built Kimcheon Factory.
Nov. 1993
Awarded for achieving $10M in exporting pork meat.
Mar. 1993
Built meat freezer facilities at Cheongju Factory.
Nov. 1987
Entered technical partnership for frozen food (Gatogichi, Japan)
May 1983
Entered technical partnership for meat processing (Ham, Japan)
Oct. 1981
Changed company name to Lotte Ham/Lotte Mile.
Oct. 1980
Built Cheongju Factory for meat processing.
Sept. 1979
Built dairy processing factory (Jeongju Factory).
Apr. 1978
Incorporated Lotte Dairy (Gyeok-ho Shin, CEO)

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