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Striving to reach new levels of customer satisfaction

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Dairy Division


Strong commitment for people’s health and high quality of life

Since its establishment in 1987, Pasteur had led the industry with its premium quality and significant contribution to people’s health and quality of life by introducing pasteurized milk in the domestic market.
Pasteur has launched a variety of premium dairy products: we introduced the nation’s first pasteurized milk with improved taste and nutrition, MSD baby formula, and healthy yogurt whose premium quality and high standards helped us gain the leading position in the market. Based on our management philosophy of working to improve people’s health and quality of life, we will remain steadfast in our commitment for ensuring a sustainable future.

1. Contribute to consumers’ health. 2. Assume social responsibility for our customers. 3. Expand the areas of business in pursuit of improving people’s health and quality of life.
Product Categories
  • Milk
  • Powdered Milk/Baby Formula
  • Yogurt
  • Juice/Soymilk
Directions for the Future
  • 1. Contribute to consumers’ health.
  • 2. Assume social responsibility for our customers.
  • 3. Expand the areas of business in pursuit of improving people’s health and quality of life.

This division represents brands such as Pasteur, Quebyeon, and With Mom.

Pasteurized at 63℃ for 30 minutes
Pasteur Milk is the leading milk brand. Our milk is made by pasteurizing it at 63℃ for 30 minutes (LTLT : low-temperature-long-time) to keep beneficial bacteria alive and minimize the degeneration of protein and calcium.

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Nov. 2012
Entered MOU with YNS Global “Grand Noble” for exportation to China.
Aug. 2012
Launched Quebyeon Renewal.
Aug. 2012
Awarded Gold Medal for With Mom by 2012 Lotte Marketing Forum.
Jul. 2012
Launched Pasteur Café.
Mar. 2012
Launched Healthier Pasteur Yogurt.
Dec. 2011
Awarded 10 Million Dollar Prize on the 48th International Trade Day.
Nov. 2011
Pasteur Milk Co., Ltd. merged into Lotte Samkang Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2011
Relocated head office (to Yangpyeong Lotte B/D)
Dec. 2010
Joined Lotte Group as a subsidiary.
Jun. 2010
<MSD with Mom> designated as “Bestseller of H1 2010” by Maeil Business.
Jun. 2010
Launched We Plus
Apr. 2010
Renewed "MSD With Mom"
Nov. 2008
Ranked 1st in the consumer safe food product milk powder category and
2nd in the milk category of 2008 Prosumer Survey of Korea Economic
Oct. 2008
"Pasteurized Fresh Milk" ranked 1st in the Korea Consumer Wellbeing
Index of the Korean Standards Association
Mar. 2008
Launched "Ive&Apple".
Mar. 2008
Launched "Premium Gold".
Jun. 2007
Launched "Organic Vegetable".
Jan. 2007
Launched "Organic Yogurt".
Apr. 2006
Quebyeon Yogurt recommended by Korean Society of Coloproctology as an effective beverage for constipation.
Feb. 2006
Launched Ranch beside Me Organic Milk.
Dec. 2005
Awarded in brand categories (Quebyeon Yogurt TV CF)
– director, TV CF, TV model
May 2005
Launched "Grand Noble".
Mar. 2005
Launched "Quebyeon Yogurt".
Jun. 2003
Launched "Calcium Soymilk".
Apr. 2003
Launched "Happy 700 Pyeongchang Premium Gold".
Sept. 2002
Launched "Organic Farm 100".
Sept. 2001
Ranked 1st in customer satisfaction (KMA)
– 4 years straight, total 5 times
Sept. 1997
Launched “Valencia Orange Juice”.
Jul. 1997
Established Pasteur Food Plant.
May 1996
Selected as hit product in 2H 1996 (Pasteur Milk) by Segye Daily.
Nov. 1995
Golden Marketing Awards (by Chosun Daily)
Dec. 1994
Supplied fresh milk to the U.S, Army for the first time in Asia, 3rd time in
the world.
Jun. 1990
Launched MSD baby formula.
May 1990
Built the 1st production facilities for baby formula.
May 1989
Built Plant #2.
Jun. 1988
Launched traditional Bulgarian yogurt (fermented milk drink) for the first
time in Korea.
Sept. 1987
Launched high quality pasteurized milk (63℃ 30 min.) for the first time in
Jul. 1987
Built Plant #1.
Nov. 1986
Earned license for dairy manufacturing business.
Jul. 1977
Established Seongjin Ranch
(Sosa-li, Anheung-myun, Hoengsung-kun, Gangwon)

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