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About Division

Noodles/Rice Cake

Chefood Noodles use high quality ingredients and authentic recipes to deliver a wide variety of your favorite Korean, Western, Chinese and Japanese foods. We are leading the development of new products to meet the demands of consumers.

Food Flavoring

As a flagship culinary flavoring of LOTTE FOODS, Hwanman Vinegar has been a favorite among chefs and is recognized for its excellent quality. Chefood Salad Sauce, Dressing, and Spaghetti Sauce have also built their popularity over the years and established a strong position in the market.

Cooking Oil

Raw Material

High Oleic
Safflower Oil Seeds

High Oleic
Sunflower Oil Seeds

Technology & Knowhow

Produced with Cheonan factory’s advanced technology and deodorized in low temperature through the F&F process, our products are safe and can be used for a long time.

Vegetable/Fresh Food

Produced in LOTTE FOODS’s state-of-the-art facilities in the Ansan Factory and Pyeongtaek Factory, our products undergo cutting, washing, disinfection, and rinsing processes under the strictest safety and quality control.
Our Quality Control Team and Central Research Center ensures the highest quality in terms of raw ingredients, processing, storage, and distribution.
Comprehensive inspections and tests are carried out on a regular basis at the highest standard to detect any residual pesticide, micro-organisms, and contamination to ensure safety.
With our superior product development and advanced production system, we deliver high quality agricultural products and ingredients to major food businesses and distributors while expanding our business in catering.


LOTTE FOODS Delica started its first production of instant food in partnership with Lotte Group affiliates, Mitsui & Co. Japan and Fuji Food, in 1999.
We established a nationwide production system consisting of Yongin Factory built in 2000, followed by Gwangju Factory and Yangsan Factory built in 2002. The product line includes samgak kimbab, sandwiches, and lunchboxes that are all produced by using carefully selected ingredients and clean facilities. They are supplied to supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide through an advanced logistics system.
In response to the increasing demand for HMR (Home Meal Replacement) as a result of more women working full-time, we are committed to delivering innovative and fresh products to consumers.

Oct. 2012
Merged with Lotte SamKang
Apr. 2010
Supplied to Buy The Way.
Jun. 2005
Supplied to Lotte Mart.
Jun. 2002
Built Lotte Fresh Delica Busan Factory.
- Established nationwide production/supply system.
May 2002
Built Lotte Fresh Delica Gwangju Factory.
Jun. 2000
Built Lotte Fresh Delica Yongin Factory.
Jul. 1999
Entered technical partnership with Fuji Food, Japan.
- Nation’s first fresh food producer
Jun. 1999
Lotte Fresh Delica was incorporated.

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