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Oil & Fats/Food Additive

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Oil & Fats

Food Additive

Food Additive Division


Create and new innovative products through continuous R&D efforts

At our Food Additive Division, we are committed to improving our food culture and delivering the healthiest and safest food ingredients and appliances. Since we entered the sterilizer industry for appliances in 2005, we have focused on preventing any hazardous elements in food processing and ensuring the safest environment for the food industry. Throughout our mission to retain the flavor of food, we produce and sell a variety of products including food additives, stabilizers, processed food, chocolate, and roasted coffee while improving their quality through continuous research and development.

Oil & Fats/Food Additive01 Build a food safety system focused on Build a food safety system focused on
										 02 Implement safety inspection systems and quality control to lead the industry.
Product Categories
  • Flavor/Spice
  • Stabilizer/Antibacterial Agents
  • Coloring/Additives
  • Processed Food
  • Chocolate Coating
  • Flour
Directions for the Future
  • 1. Build a food safety system focused on sanitation and safety control.
  • 2. Implement safety inspection systems and quality control to lead the industry.
About Division
History of the Vanilla Bean

Vanilla is the world’s favorite ice cream flavor, and it is believed to have been used since ancient times. It is the fruit of an orchid plant known as vanilla planifolia, which is native to the tropical forests of Mexico and Central America. The history of vanilla has been traced back to the early 16th century when the Aztecs conquered the Indians. They favored its rich and unique taste and presented it to King Montezuma as a tribute. They mixed it with honey to make a syrup, which was used as an aphrodisiac of royal families. When Cortez defeated the Aztec in 1520, vanilla was spread across Spain and Europe.

Widely Recognized Quality Certification

The original RichVille coffee brand was created in 1993, and it earned ISO 9001 certification in 2001. At the Food Safety Day ceremony in 2008, we were awarded by the local KFDA in Gyeongin for our significant contribution to the improvement of food sanitation.

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