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Why is pasteurized milk (63℃, 30 min.) special?

What is Pasteurization ? (Low Temperature Long Time)
Pasteurization, also known as LTLT (Low Temperature Long Time) is the process of selectively killing harmful bacteria in milk by heating it at 63°C for 30 minutes. This process is widely used in Europe and the U.S. today..
Pasteur is the first brand in the industry to use our particular pasteurization process, in which milk passes through a 1,475m long pipe. During this process, the milk is maintained at a temperature of 63°C and comes out at the end of the pipe after 30 minutes, thanks to the automated sensor that controls the speed of its flow.
Through LTLT pasteurization, only 5% of the immunoglobulin content in whey protein undergoes transformation whereas the HTST and UHT processes (heated at 135°C for 2+ seconds) result in more than 40% and 90% of transformation, respectively.

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