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Lotte Foods creates an enjoyable and rich food culture based on honesty.

Lotte Foods is the company of a wide range of foods, which was formed by merging Lotte SamKang, Lotte Ham, Pasteur, and Lotte Fresh Delica. Our company with a long history has grown to become the leader in the food industry through endless innovation since starting edible oil and fat business in 1958.

Lotte Foods is the first company to introduce margarine to Korea, which enriched Koreans’ dietary lives. Also, the food leader awakened Koreans to the pleasure of a new flavor by mass producing high quality ice cream named “SamKang Hard” in Korea’s first hygienic production facilities in 1962, and it sets the standard of premium milk by launching pasteurized milk for the first time in Korea in 1987. In terms of the oil and fats sector, Lotte Foods maintains the first position with unrivaled technology in Korea. The processed meat sector is no exception. Lotte Ham and enNature, such as Lotte Vienna, Uiseong Garlic Ham, Rose Farm, and Kisstick, provide consumers with high quality delicious foods. Lotte Foods also provides ice cream lovers with sweet happiness by showing premium ice cream like Papico, Crunch (Daeji) Bar, Red Bean Flavored Ice (Amatna) Bar, and Googoo Cone. Recently, Lotte Foods has been expanding market to ice dessert products, launching products leading the trend such as Macaroon Ice Cream and Greek Yogurt Cone. Pasteur provides the best dairy products such as non-antibiotic milk from certified farms based on the high quality pasteurized milk, baby formula “With Mom” rich in lactic acid bacteria and vegetable DHA, and fermented yogurt made from 100% milk.

Lotte Foods is not only carrying out various activities to serve the local community but also working hard to follow the business concept of “Creating Shared Value” for sustainable growth and coexistence with the local community. Our company has played an important role in promoting Uiseong Garlic as a representative food of Korea, by launching brand of local specialty “Uiseong Garlic Ham” in 2006 and served as a successful example for coexistence with the local community, by launching “Muan Onion Ham” in 2013.

On the principle of creating an enjoyable and rich food culture based on honesty, Lotte Foods is trying to provide better service and products for consumers. Our company is paying full attention to the management of food safety, by making unstinting investment to technical development and facilities and obtaining certifications such as HACCP and FSSC 22000. Lotte Foods believes that employees’ happiness is definitely necessary to provide consumers with good service and products. For the reason, Lotte Foods has taken many measures, such as the operation of a daycare center, to help employees to balance work and family, and in turn, our company received the Family-friendly Company certificate from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in December, 2013.

Lotte Foods will try to be Korea’s best and reliable food company, pursuing endless innovation and product development as a trend leader in the food business.

Thank you.

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