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Business Philosophy

The most important company in the history of Korea’s food industry

“At LOTTE FOOD, we put a healthy smile on people’s face.”

LOTTE FOOD Philosophy

Unified mind, goal, and action

Cleaner淸 Tastier美 Friendlier 友 Better 前

In 1958, we here at LOTTE FOODS recognized our calling to work for the health of the public. Today, as one of the w1orld’s most recognized companies, we are dynamically preparing for the future. As a leader in the food industry, we refuse to take any shortcuts and put our all into producing better products. Through all of our diligent work, we have come to a realization.
Someone must step in and take responsibility for public health. As we have worked to fulfill that role, we have discovered that our job is a profound and valuable one. We feel a sense of our accomplishment when we see our products bringing joy in people’s lives when we see a child holding our ice cream, parents preparing family dinners, or a baker carefully baking his goods. At LOTTE FOODS, we find our satisfaction when we put a healthy smile on people’s face.

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