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Leading initiatives for a cleaner environment

At LOTTE FOOD, we organize a campaign for the protection of the environment in collaboration with local organizations every year.

Quality PolicyEnvironmental Policy

Quality Policy

Standing up for human rights and dignity, we deliver the highest product quality and build a rich and enjoyable food culture based by reaching for the following goals.

  • 1. Provide products and services that meet high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • 2. Ensure the safety of products through strict quality control.
  • 3. Earn customers’ trust and loyalty through our reliability.

To implement our environmental policies and achieve our goals, all employees and officers have established a management system in compliance with the ISO 14001 requirements and follow these guidelines to ensure sustainable business practices.

Environmental Policy

Under our corporate philosophy that pursues love, freedom, and wealth, we recognize the importance of environmental impact on our local communities as well as the human race. We fulfill our social and corporate responsibilities by establishing an environmental policy and system to minimize any damage to our environment. Therefore, all members of our company are committed to achieving the following goals.

  • 1. Expand the clean production system
  • 2. Produce eco-friendly products
  • 3. Comply with environmental laws and regulations

To successfully implement our environmental policy and reach our objectives, all employees and officers including CEO strictly follow the ISO14001 requirements and the standards set by our environmental management system.

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