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Ethical Business

Leading initiatives for ethical business practices

We promise to make our best efforts in maintaining ethical business practice.

LOTTE FOOD Code of ethics

Built on a foundation that lives up to consumer standards, pursues individuality, and prioritizes quality first, LOTTE FOODS is a responsible company that pursues a win-win situation for all while aiming to become one of the world’s leading companies. LOTTE FOODS has established the following ethical principles that all employees must observe and put into practice for that end.

Article 1. Consumers
① The company’s very existence depends on the consumers. Conduct all business by fully understanding the consumer’s perspective.
② Be honest with the consumer. Respect the consumer’s opinions. Uphold all promises made to the consumer.
③ At no time shall you ever take and use consumer information for any other objective than for which it was intended without prior consent from the consumer.
Article 2. Stockholders
① All the employees shall, through creativity and innovation, do their best to increase the value of company stock.
② All employees shall work to obey the laws and ordinances of the company.
③ Justifiable opinions raised by stockholders shall be respected.
Article 3. Employees
① All employees shall uphold and abide by all company laws and social laws to enhance the company and employees’ public image and to be respected and trusted by associates and consumers.
② Employees shall contribute to the company through professional commitment, innovative and creative ideas, and mutual communication.
③ Employees shall be judged on their ability and accomplishments regardless of their race, creed, or gender.
④ Employees shall not use company assets for their personal use and shall not disclose company information. There shall be no exchange of gifts among employees, borrowing or lending of money, or taking part in joint liability on a guarantee. Disrespectful speech and actions and sexual harassment of any kind is prohibited.
⑤ Employees agree to actively and promptly respond to critical situations in accordance with international standards.
Article 4. Partners
① Fair and equal opportunities shall be given to partners, and they shall provide good products at reasonable costs to ensure mutual benefits.
② The company shall not take advantage of the its superior standing to make outlandish requests or receive money and/or favorable treatment. The code of ethics shall be explained to partners for compliance.
Article 5. Society & Nation
① LOTTE FOODS shall respect the values of the country and society, working to help the company grow through healthy business practices and aid in the betterment of our society and country.
② LOTTE FOODS shall not engage in any political activities.
③ LOTTE FOODS shall work to protect the environment by producing and selling environmentally-friendly products by recycling wastes and by conserving resources.
④ LOTTE FOODS shall always endeavor to protect its local community, consumers, and employees and work towards preventing industrial accidents through proper training.

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